Performing in York Minster in 2005 (wmv video mp4 video)

Performing in St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh in 2005 (wmv video mp4 video)

The current featured audio clip is Widor's Toccata which was recorded at St Alban's Abbey in 1988 (Mark Hammond - organ)


After 8 matches Saints finally get a league win with a 1-0 victory over Leeds and lie in 15th place - click for my Saints page

Between 2002 and 2018 I wrote a monthly column for St Edmund's Church magazine where I am Organist - click for my St Ed's page

Over 13000 pounds was raised in my two 24 Hour Organ Marathons. Click on the 24 logo for details of the first one in 2008 and click here for details of the second one in 2013.

In June 2007 I took part in the premiere of Barry Ferguson's "Peterhouse Chapel Windows Suite". Click for details

My scrapbook features images and audio from my distant past including this concert which dates from 1981. Click for more information

Click for my television and radio page with both live and recorded links

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