On this page you can find some scrapbook photographs and news cuttings from my past

Highcliffe Junior Choir

This picture was taken at the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod in July 1977. I have been involved with the choir for over thirty years and have performed with them at Llangollen on nine occasions as singer, pianist and conductor.

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Listen to the Youth Choir performing at the 1984 Eisteddfod. Conductor Mark Hammond, Pianist Rosemary Barnes. Buxtehude - "Zion Hear's The Watchman's Voices" & Trant' s "Love Came Down At Christmas".

Listen to the Youth Choir performing my carol "I Sing of a Maiden", recorded in the mid-eighties.

Peterhouse Choir

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Listen to members of Peterhouse Choir performing Dowland's "Come Again" & Morley's "My Bonnie Lass" at the 1986 May Week Concert (D.Seifert, D.Nesbit, R.Goodrich Sopranos, R.Mortishire Alto, M.Hammond Tenor, S.Healy, C.Hawkins Bass. (Realplayer required)


A few years ago, in the twentieth anniversary of my final year as Organ Scholar at Peterhouse, I attempted to contact as many choir members as I could. This is the latest information I have - some comes from the people themselves and some comes from internet research and was correct at the time.

Simon Healy (Middle row, Eleventh from Left) is a historian at the Houses of Parliament and is also taking a PhD at Birkbeck

Dr Justin Cross (Middle row, First from Left) is a Neuroradiologist at Addenbrookes Hospital

Renee Early is teaching at a secondary school near San Francisco. She is not pictured on the photograph as she had returned to America at the start of the 1985-86 academic year

Dr Jenny Wallace (Middle row, Seventh from Left) is Director of Studies in English at Peterhouse

Neil Hartman (Back row, Second from Left) works in the Department of Nuclear Medicine at St Batholomew's Hospital

Martin Robinson (Back row, Fourth from Left) is a software consultant with DAI and until recently played the organ at St Mary's Church, Watford

Dr Andrew Goldsbrough (Back row, First from Left) is Manager of the East of England Relay Centre in Cambridge, which promotes technology transfer across European borders. He sings with both Choir 2000 in Histon and with CUMS

Rachel Mortishire (Middle Row, Fifth from Left) is living in Antwerp in Belgium

Elsbeth Dixon (Middle Row, Eighth from Left) is Executive Director of the Da Vinci Institute for Technology Management in Johannesburg

John Sellgren (Middle Row, Fourth from Left). is chief executive of Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council [INFO]

Olive Murray (Front Row, Sixth from Left) is still singing and also spends time travelling and studying in Europe

Rosalind Goodrich (Front Row, Seventh from Left) is communications manager for bassac the British Association of Settlements and Social Action Centres a membership body for a network of key community organisations providing services to local people

Still looking for Jim Lloyd, William Hutchings, Chris Hawkins, Charlotte Dahms or Dagmar Seifert

Peter Symonds College

This picture appeared in the Portsmouth Evening News following a performance by members of the Hampshire Specialist Music Course at the Central Library in Portsmouth on June 10th 1981. On the left is the original newspaper cutting while the photograph is on the right.

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Christchurch Priory

This picture was taken in the early seventies during a filming for a Southern TV programme "Songs of Celebration"

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Colour Line